Denise Davidson, Mosaic Artist

Denise Davidson,
Mosaic Artist

Denise Davidson, Mosaic Artist

I discovered mosaic art at Santa Cruz Open Studios in 2007. Previously, I was a commercial photographer, then a successful graphic designer. I was looking for a creative outlet that did not involve the computer! Mosaic was perfect.

I typically work with glass tile or stained glass on a solid substrate. It might be a birdbath, a stepping stone or a piece for the wall.  I love that some pieces can be functional art. Some of my pieces are glass on glass. For this method I use stained glass on clear glass. These are translucent and show beautifully in window light.

Often, I use my photographs as part of the process for creating the mosaic. I may combine elements from several photographs to create an image just to get it onto paper. This gets transferred to the substrate, and I can begin the mosaic. 

I have exhibited at several galleries in Central and Northern California. I have designed and installed several residential commissioned pieces. Commissions are always welcome.

Please look around and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions/comments.