Gift Certificate for Mosaic Workshop

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Gift Certificate for Mosaic Workshop


September 8th & 9th
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday 10am-noon

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

You can create beautiful mosaics even as a first time mosaic artist with my clear, careful instruction.

Glass on Glass mosaics have an appearance similar to stained glass, where light shines through the translucent colored glass. The materials are grouted instead of using lead to bind the pieces in place. They look beautiful when displayed in windows.

Students will be introduced to the contemporary double indirect method of building mosaics. This technique allows the student to place glass pieces, tesserae, on a sticky surface which will cover a drawing of your choosing. Use your own drawing or my templates as a guide, you will place glass mosaic pieces on top of the image you choose. The entire art piece is on a board so it’s easy to move and transport. Materials can be easily changed or swapped out until the design is finalized.

In this workshop students will be introduced to the types of glass applicable to glass on glass (GOG) mosaic design. Students will learn to use mosaic tools to cut and shape glass into tesserae (the pieces that make a mosaic). GOG mosaic design, the indirect method, and grouting technique will be demonstrated. Adhesives specific to GOG, terminology, and finishing will also be presented.
The first day, each student will be guided through the design process to create a 9” x 9” glass on glass mosaic intended for interior display. The final day, student mosaics will be grouted and all finishing options discussed. No previous mosaic experience necessary. However, the more mosaic experience you have determines the detail in mosaic. 

This workshop will be held at:
Monterey Street Design 224 Monterey Street, Santa Cruz, CA
Tuition: $90 • Supply Fee $40 (includes frame)
Instructor: Monterey Street Design Owner, Denise Davidson

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